Reasons to welcome Canadian investment

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for investment and business development. Due to the transparency of the administrative system, good banking, low inflation, and high security of capital, this country is considered a safe and reliable opportunity for companies of any size or entrepreneurship.

Another reason for investing in Canada and welcoming expert managers to obtain a Canadian investment visa is the country’s close trade relations with the United States of America, which have led to high profitability and growth of this country’s economy.

Investment conditions in Canada

For any investment, low costs and high profitability are important areas and advantages of investment. Canada is one of the countries that has provided the ground for each of these two important factors by having a non-parallel market and an ideal tax environment on its soil.

Another significant feature and advantage of investing in Canada is obtaining permanent residence through a Canadian investment visa. There are various methods for obtaining a Canadian investment visa, which investors can choose according to their conditions. It should be noted that only a few of these methods lead to obtaining a Canadian investment visa and Canadian permanent residence. In the following article, we will learn about these methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of receiving Canadian investment

The advantages and disadvantages of the Canadian investment visa are as follows:


  • Maintaining property ownership is one of the main benefits of having a business visa in Canada; high security and low corruption in the economic system of this country. According to the latest statistics, the risk of confiscation of property by the Canadian government is about 1%, which shows the preservation of people’s capital ownership in different sectors. So immigrating to Canada through a startup or investing in provincial sectors is one of the best ways to obtain permanent residence in this country.
  • System transparency: The security of the economic system and the control of administrative corruption are other reasons why people are welcome to receive a Canadian entrepreneurship visa. It is recommended to check the corruption control rate of Canada in the past years carefully before making an investment. According to the latest statistics in 2017, the administrative and economic corruption of this country is about 92.1%.
  • Correct management: Another benefit of getting a Canadian investment visa is to ensure proper government supervision and management of the private sector. The federal government of Canada directly inspects and supervises the private sector, which not only has a positive impact on economic growth but also prevents any disruption or abuse in the administrative system of this country.
  • Suitable conditions and facilities: One of the main reasons for people to get a Canadian business visa and finally obtain permanent residence is the provision of suitable facilities and conditions for people to live and study. According to the immigration laws of this country, in case of immigrating to Canada through a startup and receiving a Canadian investment visa, the conditions for free education of children, free insurance, and the possibility of employment for family members will be provided. Also, depending on the type of investment, it is possible to obtain Canadian permanent residence for the applicant along with their family.


  • Strict rules: Despite all the benefits of receiving a Canadian investment visa, in some cases, the registration of private companies is subject to strict and serious laws and supervision by the government of this country.
  • Long distance: One of the few problems faced by Iranian investors in Canada is the long distance and time difference between the two countries.

Ways to invest in Canada

Canadian residence through company registration

For any investment, low costs and high profitability are important areas and advantages of investment. Canada is one of the countries where the context of each of these two factors, as well as other immigration programs of the federal government to obtain a Canadian investment visa, is the registration of a private company. From the initial stages of company registration in Canada