The ICT/Canadian company registration visa is an effective way to immigrate to Canada for those who want to engage in economic activities and obtain permanent residency. Here are some key points to consider:

  • This method allows companies, workshops, stores, and other economic activities to transfer their managers, senior employees, and specialists to their Canadian branch by registering the company in Canada.
  • After one year of working in Canada, the applicants can earn 200 points towards their permanent residency application, which can significantly increase their chances of success.
  • This immigration method is specific to those who are legally working in their country and wish to expand their business to Canada.
  • By applying for a work visa under this program, applicants can start working in Canada while also working towards obtaining permanent residency.
  • To learn more about this program and its requirements, contact us today for further information and assistance.

Advantages of the ICT Method for Canadian Company Registration Visa:

  • No language requirement (English or French)
  • Fast processing time of less than 6 months
  • All family members receive visas simultaneously
  • Spouse can obtain a freelance work visa
  • Free education for children
  • Access to medical, therapeutic and health services for all family members
  • Freedom to choose place of residence and ability to move anywhere in Canada
  • No minimum investment required
  • No need to permanently reside in Canada
  • Possibility to extend the visa up to 7 years before obtaining permanent residence
  • No age limit for applicants

Common documents in all applications:

  • Passport copy of all pages
  • Translation of business license or company statutes
  • Translation of birth certificate for the applicant and all family members
  • Translation of marriage certificate
  • Applicant’s work and academic resume in English or French
  • Translation of educational documents and transcripts for the applicant and spouse
  • Translation of educational course documents
  • Translation of insurance history
  • Translation and official evaluation of property documents for the applicant and spouse
  • Translation of insurance list for the applicant and all personnel
  • Full-time work certificate with a full description
  • Employment certificate or contract
  • Financial ability of the applicant and the parent company
  • 6 photos

Additional required documents:

  • Employment contract or employment contract in the parent company for at least one year full-time
  • Certificate of work experience mentioning 5 main factors of work letter
  • Any specialized or experimental certificate of the applicant and at least its approval by the parent company officials, which has special benefits for Canadian personnel
  • Description of the duties of the personnel who will come to Canada
  • Duration of work contract in Canada
  • Full description of the working relationship between the Iranian company and the Canadian branch

Note: These documents may vary depending on the specific requirements of each case. It is recommended to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant for more information.

Additionally, call us today for more information on the ICT method and how it can help you immigrate to Canada with your company.